Annual Report
Bjarni Bjarnason
From the CEO

Reykjavik Energy´s responsibilities in the services it provides have changed a great deal over recent years. At the turn of the century, before the individual utilities were merged, it was Reykjavik Energy that built power plants, laid fibre optic cables to households and handled general utility services for a substantial percentage of the Icelandic population. Over the past five years, however, Veitur Utilities, ON Power and Reykjavik Fibre Network, the subsidiaries of Reykjavik Energy, have been on the frontline of engaging with customers, successfully gaining a foothold in the public consciousness.

Brynhildur Davíðsdóttir
From the Chairperson of the BoD

There was no shortage of challenges in the operations of Reykjavik Energy in 2018 any more than usual. The board of directors of the company continued to strengthen the pillars of its policy and changes were made to the management practices of the Group. There was satisfaction both within the board of directors and among the owners, which is vital for all the people who avail of the important services the company has been entrusted with.

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